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Which Performance Cards appear on a dashboard is a function of the staff role; for example, an inventory manager would need to have very different KPIs than a Chief Financial Officer would. Enforce your existing business rules, set permissions and have access to a complete audit trail from PO to payment. Webinar See why Bisnow Media, a muti-platform digital media company, upgraded from Intacct to NetSuite to accelerate growth. What’s more, because batch processes are a drag on the system, they tend to be run at slow points in the day — overnight, for instance. This adds strain during busy periods, like month- or year-end closes. NetSuite was co-founded in 1998 by Evan Goldberg, an entrepreneur and early Oracle employee, and Oracle founder Larry Ellison.

It’s a favored bookkeeping platform across all industries due to its integrations with popular cloud services like ADP and Salesforce. While Intacct offers a lower upfront cost, NetSuite is typically the financial software of choice for growing companies, particularly those that are targeting IPOs and need the more advanced functionality and scale that NetSuite delivers. Companies with international operations or aspirations also tend to select NetSuite OneWorld thanks to its multi-language, multi-currency and multi-subsidiary management features. Intacct does not have a customer relationship management offering. While NetSuite also offers a prebuilt connector to, it provides the choice of its own full CRM suite that includes sales force automation, customer service management and marketing automation.

Sage Intacct’s automated workflows and reports make it possible to replace multiple programs with one platform. According to the G2 Crowd Mid-Market Grid® Report for Accounting , Sage Intacct ranked as the #1 cloud accounting software and financial management for customer satisfaction.

Customers access the software via the internet and typically pay a subscription fee. For over 20 years, LBMC Technology Solutions has been inspiring greatness through technology. We understand how important a reliable technology infrastructure is to your one-of-a-kind business.

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Get more value out of the systems you’re already using with the DBSync Sage Intacct Adapter. Extract, transform, and load data from one database type to another via our cloud solution or integrate your existing database into one of our 3rd party adapters. Streamline your internal applications by creating a continuous flow of information from one database to another database via bi-directional synchronization and running queries like select, insert and update via a JDBC connection. Intacct, which competes with Financial Force and Oracle’s NetSuite, said in a related statement that it now has 11,000 customers for its enterprise resource planning software. Its revenue for its fiscal year ending in June 2016 was $67 million, with pre-tax losses of $23 million. Intacct is enterprise-class general ledger accounting software with a well-designed balance between utility and ease-of-use.

  • Sage Intacct is a true, multi-tenant cloud application that guarantees 99.8% uptime.
  • This is followed by several sets of subaccounts defining multiple accounts rolled up into the major account, with further numerical segments for location, division, and other delineations.
  • Both Intacct and NetSuite base their pricing on the per-user/per-month model that is typical in the SaaS industry.
  • With outsourced services greatly in demand by business owners who want to reduce time on work unrelated to their core business, they turn to their advisory partner for expertise and proactive strategic advice.
  • It allows integration of third-party software such as Salesforce, Certify, ADP, SAP Concur and others.

In contrast, NetSuite users have easy access to detailed subsidiary data through its Subsidiary Navigator tool. NetSuite also provides tools out of the box to easily manage intercompany accounting.

Accounts Receivable

No matter your business model or industry, your organization is unique. Sage Intacct is a highly flexible, powerful financial management solution that adapts to your unique workflows and reporting requirements. With Sage Intacct purchase order management software, you can follow a purchasing process built around structured transaction and approval workflows for greater purchase speed, accuracy, visibility, and efficiency. Then tap into a comprehensive suite of dashboards and reporting tools to track budget vs. actuals, analyze costs, and gain visibility into your entire spend.

NetSuite was acquired by Oracle in 2016 for $9.3 billion and is now run as a separate business unit within the company. Oracle’s backing enabled NetSuite to more quickly expand its international operations and open new data centers based on the powerful Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Both NetSuite and Intacct have been acquired by large, well-established software businesses, but there are some key differences.

Intacct charges extra for each entity that uses the system, such as branch offices or country-specific operations. For growing businesses or franchisers, this can quickly get expensive. While Intacct customers may also work through Intacct or its network of partners to implement the system, it has nothing analogous to SuiteSuccess. NetSuite also offers editions for what it calls “micro-verticals” in areas like apparel, footwear and accessories, restaurants, food and beverage manufacturing, health and beauty and more.

intacct accounting

We offer fixed monthly subscriptions so you know exactly what to budget for our services. Lindy is a leader for Armanino’s midmarket cloud technology solutions. In a word, complexity, defines the single greatest challenge, and opportunity, facing CPAs. Firms are rethinking their strategies for practice management, client services and talent development. One of the big differences between Sage Intacct and BooksTime Enterprise, however, is that Enterprise is a desktop-based software — unless you pay an additional cost for online hosting. And unlike Sage Intacct, BooksTime Enterprise is available in four different plans — Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond — so that you can choose the option that works best for your business. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.


“My company has been working with Fusion for about a year now and they have really helped simplify things on our end. Having your accounting and bookkeeping done under one roof really takes the stress out of coordinating between the two on a regular basis. Every question I have had, they are there to answer (even the annoying ones I’m sure). Many late-stage enterprise software startups have been going the IPO route, but large acquisitions in the space will also help the valuations of comparable companies.

First, we’ll discuss an enterprise-level alternative that closely compares to Sage Intacct in terms of features and probable pricing. Second, we’ll consider a top accounting software alternative that can accommodate a wider variety of smaller and midsize businesses. As you can see, not only does Sage Intacct include advanced features within its core accounting software, but it also offers extended modules to add even greater capabilities to your platform. Additionally, as an enterprise-level software, it’s important to explain a little more about how Sage Intacct works. In short, whereas many small-business accounting platforms offer standard software plans — each of which has a specific list of features for a certain price — Sage Intacct can be uniquely customized to meet your particular needs. Sage Intacct accounting softwarestreamlines and upgrades workflows via a dynamic user interface.

This payment will cover initial Sage Intacct training and courses from Sage Intacct Learning Center, project management, setup and configuration, data upload, testing, and more. When it comes to Sage Intacct pricing, there is no specific price plan that one can refer to. The price is calculated for each business individually and varies based on the size of your business and the modules you choose to add to your subscription. Smarter subscription management software–from quote to financial forecast. We will work with you to determine your current needs and ideal solution.

Keep in mind, however, that the other general ledger apps reviewed in this roundup do pretty much the same thing, even if the segments are numbers and not labels. While Intacct is multidimensional, so are all of the others, regardless of the underlying database. Be it Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, or Oracle, all are relational databases and can reorient their order on specified fields. That being said, Intacct’s approach is novel and I like it a lot. Several other vendors’ apps, such as SAP Business One Professional and Sage 300c, display the underlying data on a graph point when you hover the cursor over the specific area on the graph. Intacct lets you swap back and forth between the graph and data table by clicking a button in the lower corner of the graph widget. You can reach reporting via the dashboard and create what Intacct calls “Performance Cards,” which will appear at the top of a dashboard.

intacct accounting

Sage Intacct puts user-friendly configuration options in the hands of the finance team, so you can easily tailor your solution to work exactly the way you need it to. Developed in partnership with American Express, the Sage Intacct Check Delivery Service is an automated service for check runs that’s fully integrated with Sage Intacct Accounts Payable. Provides real-time visibility and access to all client data from a single, centralized location. Although users didn’t mention the specific price they were paying, many users wrote that Sage Intacct was expensive, especially if you required more than the standard modules. Although Sage Intacct offers six overarching modules as part of its software , you can pick and choose the ones you need as part of your plan. Founded and headquartered in San Jose, the company initially grew organically, but more recently has grown primarily through acquisitions. In addition to its US offices it also operates in India and Romania, as well as product localisations being developed at Sage’s other international offices such as Barcelona, Spain, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and Poland.

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Additionally, NetSuite has a larger partner ecosystem and advantages when it comes to implementation services that ERP buyers may want to consider. For example, MongoDB, a software company, switched from Intacct to NetSuite as it prepared for an IPO and needed tighter controls and consolidation capabilities for 12 subsidiaries around the globe. Two top evaluation points are an international management focus and the ability to support M&A activities. If you are ready to strengthen your sales-to-finance process, our experts are here to help.

  • Sage Intacct cloud financials are everything you need to increase team productivity, make faster decisions, and drive your business forward.
  • As a client, it lets me run standard reports quickly as well as customize reports as needed.
  • While Intacct is multidimensional, so are all of the others, regardless of the underlying database.
  • Intacct also runs on the Oracle database in two data centers, based in Sacramento and San Jose, Calif. and run by Quality Technical Services and Equinix, respectively.

And, because the CRM module is built on the NetSuite platform, it has real-time access to important data, like billing and inventory. That gives sales, customer service and marketing teams the information they need. bookkeeping If you’re trying to master the unique challenges of fund accounting while limited to spreadsheets or legacy software designed decades ago – it’s time to look at this cloud-based, modern fund accounting software.

Netsuite Is A System For Growth

As the #1 cloud accounting software available, it’s no secret why Sage Intacct is the only AICPA preferred financial management solution. Sage Intacct is 100% committed to serving the needs of financial professionals. The software delivers robust functionality through a user-friendly dashboard, giving you full control over the configuration and automation of complex workflows. Role-based customizations help you save time by streamlining your procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and reporting processes. CRM integrations also save time, marrying sales with accounting to improve visibility and customer service.

With a quote-based system, there’s no way to know what Sage Intacct pricing will actually be without going through the process of working with its sales team. Although this process is intended to offer a price customized to your business, it’s less than ideal — as you have no way of knowing whether you’re receiving a fair price, especially compared to what Sage is charging other businesses. Overall, the first five modules seem to come standard with the Sage statement of retained earnings example software and the modules that fall under “advanced functionality” can be added separately — like with additional costs. Sage Intacct is a true, multi-tenant cloud application that guarantees 99.8% uptime.

You and your team can tailor the cloud financial system to your business by configuring workflows, screens, and preferences, all without costly coding or scripting. It’s everything you need to increase team productivity, make faster decisions, and drive your business forward. Choose the flexible and configurable accounting software solution built on a true cloud foundation. Sage Intacct brings robust technology infrastructure to any organization, making it easy to share data and integrate with best-of-breed solutions without the sky-high IT costs. The core financials in Sage Intacct automates the critical processes, reduces the spreadsheet headaches, and gives you greater visibility into your business performance in real-time. Easily tailor the cloud financial system to your business by configuring workflows, screens, and preferences—all without costly coding or scripting.

You’ll get immediate relief from tedious financial tasks, freeing up time for you to focus on your mission and growing your organization. Sage Intacct integrates with a full marketplace of ISVs, including CRMs such as Salesforce. The software can be used in any browser, on any device, in any location. Being cloud-based also means there are no data backups or technology upgrades to maintain. Sage Intacct connects seamlessly with the business systems you have in place today, and it is ready to integrate with any new applications you may want to add tomorrow.

Professional Services

Through the Sage Intacct Accountants Program, firms are leveraging the best-in-class advisory capabilities of Sage Intacct to deliver high value engagements such as virtual CFO-level outsourced advisory services for their clients. Designed for advisory firms, the program offers access to an Accountant console as well as a plethora of industry leading resources, tools, education and support. Therefore, with a lower price point, user-friendly platform and substantial capabilities, Xero offers a much more fitting accounting solution for business owners who don’t need all of the complex and advanced features of Sage Intacct.

Author: David Ringstrom